Reworking parts of my resume.

I decided it was past time to get my resume up to date. So as part of it, I also redid the infographic that I made as part of it.

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Just a thought

Last night after getting home from work, sitting on my bed with Emma and eating Indian food, I realized that summarized the changes in my life over the past year.

And it’s great.

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Happy birthday.

I have not, in the past, been a big fan of April Fool’s Day. But the past two have been different.

Because April 1 is Emma’s birthday.

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Meditations on memories.

I did some cleaning today after my doctor’s appointment. (I messed up my knee a bit a week and a half ago, went to see a doctor about it.) In the cleaning there were some flowers that Emma gave me for our demianniversary, which had gone dry and fallen apart. I took the dead flowers, threw them out, and washed the vase. As I did, I thought a bit about why we hadn’t done that before.

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Meditations on changing tastes.

A number of years ago, I tried chicken tikka masala at a restaurant outside Philadelphia. I was repulsed, horrified, and in general turned off from Indian cuisine. It tasted like it had been soaked in a combination of peanut butter and sriracha, and I could not finish it. Since then I’ve been a disliker of Indian cuisine. When I would go to a place in Seattle I know people like, Saffron Grill, I’d get a gyro instead. (And let’s not talk about the Scottish-Indian restaurant. Please.)

Fast forward to this past winter, when my beloved Emma suggested Indian, and I demurred based in my past experience. And she presented to me the idea that I should try it again. (She was right. I really should have.) She picked, and got me lamb saag. “Spinach and lamb, two things you love!” she said. I began eating, a bit dubiously.

I finished it. Devoured it.

Then at the food court at Westlake Center, I had it a couple times at the stand there.

And this weekend, after messing up my knee, neither of us were up for much cooking. We looked at a few places on 2go Services and I said something that kind of stunned her:

“How about this Indian place?” We’d been talking about trying a place again, but this time I actually suggested it. And it was good. (The restaurant is Indian Curry Palace in Tukwila.) I tried Tandoori Chicken, and loved it. The lamb saag was excellent. And the paneer pakora was amazing (they put spices in the middle, which is apparently a big unusual, but I liked it).

I kind of wonder what else is going to change in my tastes soon… But this is an interesting change.

(This has been edited. Initially I said that Emma could “talk me into anything”. She doesn’t – she presents ideas to me. And quite honestly, she’s been right every time.)

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Our anniversary dinner.

For this six month celebration, Emma and I went to La Isla in Ballard for dinner. She’s wanted to go there since hearing about it and we had tried before, but it did’t work out. It almost didn’t this time – her job got a little crazy at the last minute – but we made it there, to try the food. And this is what we had…

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Meditations on being married… at the six month point.

It’s been six months since I married Emma.

In those six months, she’s moved across the country with me. We’ve had ups and downs. We’ve hurt each other’s feelings and made each other stunningly happy. We’ve both found work, and while it’s not the best work, it’s work, and we’re at least keeping our heads above water.

And to be honest, it’s really been amazing. I’ve learned so much. I feel that I’ve grown a lot.

And every day, I fall a little more in love with Emma. Something different every day that I find out about her. It’s been an incredible process, a time that I don’t want to ever end. We’re building something wonderful here, her and I, and I want it to keep going, keep being built, keep being created, forever.

It’s wonderful. I’m the most genuinely… not happy, because I am, but that’s not the word for it. No, the word for it is…

Content. What we have is something that fills me, makes my soul feel completed.

I’m married, and I think it’s the best damn thing ever.

I love you, Emma.

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Meditations on ritual.

Humans are creatures of habit and of ritual. (Which I suppose are similar things, just the second is habit imbued with a greater meaning.). And when those are disrupted, you can feel kind of out of sorts for a while. That’s me today.

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Quick razor-centric update.

(follow-up on this post)

I just used the razor.

Oh my god. I usually use a Gillette Fusion Power razor, and this one, this razor that’s 46 years old, with a thin piece of sharp metal, one single blade…

It was so much better. It moved smoothly. I had to be careful, and I need practice. But I didn’t cut myself, I didn’t rip my face up, and one swipe with this double-edge safety razor was as good, if not better than, the four-blade powered one. It was just incredible. This is a keeper. I am going to use this forever.

After I finished, I took it apart, cleaned it, dried it, and put it back in the case. It’s a piece of art and I adore it.

My wife is a genius and a glorious creature.

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A Valentine’s Day present from my wife.

Last night when we got in, Emma got the mail and said, “Oh, your present arrived!”

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